Holiday Season is here! How about an old fashioned Advent Wreath?

Here’s another advent wreath I made. Hope this inspires you for your own holiday crafts.

A walk in the woods

Beautiful Cincinnati Fall

Fabulous Flower Pumpkin III – DIY Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

I made this pumpkin for my mom – in order to thank her for being there for me.

Fabulous Flower Pumpkin II – DIY Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

You have already seen some of the small pumpkins I decorated in the past. Now I would like to show you the big, more elaborate ones – here is pumpkin number  2.

Lavender en Provence II

Fabulous Flower Pumpkins, Part I – DIY Pumpkin Flower Arrangement



I already presented you some of the small pumpkins I decorated in the past. Now I would like to show you the big, more elaborate ones.

A walk in the park @ Retiro park Madrid 07/14

Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque en Provence, France


Lavender en Provence I

Colorful Fall Decoration – here’s what you can do with a bit of straw and some dahlias


Here’s another colorful fall flower arrangement that is inexpensive to make and looks mighty impressive. It is perfect for your living room table or a side board. I tried using it as center piece when we had friends over for dinner but it was too high and therefore we weren’t able to see the person sitting opposite.

Need a present for someone who could use a bit of luck?

Your best friend has a big exam coming up? Your grandma will have hip surgery? Or you just want to let someone know that you wish him all the best and especially lots of luck? Here is an idea how to show them you really care. It is not expensive either – you just need a bit of luck yourself finding all the materials you need:

– four-leaf clovers
– gold metal foil
– small gold picture frames (round or square – whatever you prefer)