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My name is Simone. I was born and raised in Munich, Germany. So far, I have spent quite a lot of time in the United States and also lived in France, England and Spain. I went to high school in Indiana and met some very special people with whom I have stayed in contact for the past 10 years. After high school I went to law school in Germany and I am now  finishing up a transnational master in international management.

I have always liked to decorate, first only my own room and now I have pretty much taken over the entire house as well as the garden. When I was a little girl, my grandmother taught me how to decorate Advent wreaths and I have continued this tradition until today. When my sister got married to a nice Canadian police officer I did all the decorations for the wedding in Germany, which turned out nicely. After that I did the flowers for my very good friend from Iran who got married in Paris.
In short, I love to make pretty things or to make things look pretty. I am always on the lookout for stuff I might be able to use some day. Somehow, I almost always find a way to put things together and this makes it so much fun.

When I met my husband 10 years ago in high school, I got him to like soccer and opera and he got me hooked on photography.
I try to combine my passion for decoration and photography by trying to take professional looking pictures of the things I make, yet we mostly specialize in travel and HDR photography and consequently travel as much as possible. Our latest photo project is “European Capitals in HDR” – the goal: take beautiful HDR photos in all European capitals. Might take a while to complete but the journey is the reward.

I would also like to introduce Maya – my cat. You will probably see a lot more of her as she sometimes decides to “help” me with my projects :)


I do hope you will like what you see on my blog and if you do, I would be delighted if you let me know. Please feel free to share your ideas with me, I’d be happy to feature them on my blog!

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