Small Pumpkin Center Pieces

Do you need some ideas for your fall decoration?

Last year I started decorating halloween pumpkins and decorative gourds with flowers from our garden or from the field. I am continuing this project this year but first I want to show you what I have done so far. I mainly used small pumpkins, removed as much of the pumpkin flesh as possible and put small vases inside for the water. Another option is to use floral foam and put it in a new ziplock bag  (make sure it doesn’t have any holes).

For the small pumpkins/gourds I used a small round vase and for the tiny white ones a small jam jar – the ones you get at hotels.

1. Small Halloween pumpkin with sun flowers and rose hips

2.  Small Halloween pumpkin with lots of rose hips

3.  Decorative Gourd with dahlias and rose hips

4. Decorative gourd with marigold

5. Halloween pumpkin with various dahlias

6. Small decorative gourd with mini dahlias

7. Small decorative gourd with roses