Glass Bowl Center Pieces – Part 1

Why not use big glass bowls filled with water, decorative sand, floating candles and flowers as center pieces? It will surely be an eye-catcher at your next party.

As far as creativity is concerned, the sky’s the limit and it looks good in pretty much any color!
I sometimes also add pearls which then float next to the candles and the flowers in the water.
And the best thing, it only takes a couple of minutes to make, it’s cheap and mighty impressive!

For this ensemble I used two-colored roses and red decorative sand a heart-shaped stone. I made these for a garden party and put them on the ground to light the way from the tent to the house.

Of course, Maya also wanted to help. Before I could start putting everything together she had already decided to squeeze herself into the bowl. Maybe she thought the bowl needed some dusting. It must have been quite comfy as she stayed like this for about 10 minutes and also didn’t appreciate our attempts to get her out of there :)

If you want to find out how she managed to get into the bowl, click here.