Fabulous Flower Pumpkin III – DIY Pumpkin Flower Arrangement

I made this pumpkin for my mom – in order to thank her for being there for me.

How to get started:

My first step is to organize the flowers and other materials to have a good overview of what I have to work with.

Step 2: prepare the pumpkin. It is important to remove as much of the pumpkin flesh as possible. This way, the pumpkin will last longer. If you have a vase that fits inside, perfect! If not, no worries, I, for instance, used a big ziplock bag – but make sure it doesn’t have any holes! (using two new bags will decrease this probability).
For the big pumpkins I always use floral foam as it holds everything together nicely.

Step 3: put everything together! Go crazy and be creative! Sometimes it takes a few tries to make it look perfect!