Need a present for someone who could use a bit of luck?

Your best friend has a big exam coming up? Your grandma will have hip surgery? Or you just want to let someone know that you wish him all the best and especially lots of luck? Here is an idea how to show them you really care. It is not expensive either – you just need a bit of luck yourself finding all the materials you need:

– four-leaf clovers
– gold metal foil
– small gold picture frames (round or square – whatever you prefer)


I came up with this idea as I am very good at finding four-leaf clover and I do have a lot of them lying around.  Occasionally, I even find a five-leaf clover for extra luck :)

My husband studied at a Grande École in Paris. During one of my visits, we went to Versailles and had a contest on who would find the most four-leaf clovers without spending too much time searching. I found two four-leaf and one five-leaf clovers and Johannes one five-leaf clover – so 3:1 for me. Later that day,  we went for a walk in Parc de Sceaux, which is a beautiful park right next to his school, and there I found another 2. As Johannes wasn’t too happy about loosing he joked that I probably only had to throw my shoe somewhere and I would find another four-leaf clover underneath – so I did it and – voilà – another four-leaf clover was under my shoe.  Not bad – ey? And I also have proof :)

So, what to do with all the clovers?  I first pressed them in order to preserve them. Since my mother is a passionate painter, we have a lot of frames lying around and the small gold ones are from her earlier oil painting day when she liked to paint miniatures. I used some gold metal foil and glued the clovers onto the foil. My frames don’t have glass to cover the clover, which would be ideal as they do get dusty. I use a soft brush to clean them every now and them but a frame with glass is definitely preferable and the clover will last longer as well.

This does make a special gift, doesn’t it?