September 2014

Late Summer in France/ Provence


How the cat got into the bowl

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Beautiful Fall


Maya I

Glass Bowl Center Pieces – Part 1

Why not use big glass bowls filled with water, decorative sand, floating candles and flowers as center pieces? It will surely be an eye-catcher at your next party.

Halloween Pumpkin Ideas: Nightmare before Christmas

This is a collection of Halloween pumpkins Johannes and I carved. Hopefully this collection will grow considerably over the next years!

Eerily-beautiful Halloween Flowers

Looking for a way to arrange flowers for Halloween? I came up with this for my last party in order to add a special touch to my decoration.

Advent Wreaths

Christmas is approaching. I made some rather “old-fashioned” Advent wreaths my grandma taught me to make.

Halloween Cupcakes

Halloween is coming up: get ready for your next party! Here are some Halloween cupcake decoration ideas.

Jello Shots Halloween Style

Have you ever made actual jello shots? At our last Halloween party, this was a smash hit! I also provided the labels as download.

Scary Brain and Heart Pudding